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 "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."        

Donna Stover


            I have always been fascinated with the origin of pet portraits.  Edwin Lanseer is one of the artists I have admired from the Renaissance times.  He captures the essence of the animal, the characteristics that make an animal what it is.

The nobility of the animal’s personality was what he brought to his portraits and has been an inspiration for my work.   

The smile that’s there, the almost human look in the eye, the beauty of the fur, all that makes the individual animal dear, I make sure to include in my pieces.

It is my desire to put the lingering expression of love that pets give their owners in my paintings.  The look of acceptance that surpasses our understanding and goes beyond our busy days, that is what I long to share.   

There is nothing better than delivering my paintings to my clients and having them remark tearfully how I painted the adoring look in their pet’s eyes!



    University of Redlands BA in Liberal Arts



   Mary Alexander Studio, Tucson, Az 

   Jewish Community Center

   Tci Exhibitions

   Solar Culture

   The Sheridan

   Brooklyn P

   Feminine Mystique


   Southwest Artist’s Show

   Humane Society Tucson


   MADD Tucson

   A fine line

   Tucson´s Top Dog Contest


   Feminine Mystique Shows


   Dog Central Station


   Humane Society Tucson


   Angels Charity


   Handi- Dogs

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